2019 Guard Houston Course Registration

Training classes and certifications

Lifeguard training and certification is required for all new and returning guards

Use this page to register for a training and certification class, which may be a pre-requisite to beginning work. Know your status. For additional study material, see the Red Cross mobile application library.

Information on Our Certification Programs

Lifeguard Training ($195, 3 day class)
  • This course focuses on team communication, situational awareness training, rescue techniques, working with the public, and basic facility cleanliness and maintenance
  • You'll be subjected to a physical test for these qualities: swimming strength, brick retreival from the dive-well, distance and endurance, and hands-on rescue ability
  • Upon successful completion of the physical evaluation, CPR and First Aid training, and passing a written examination, you'll be issued the relevant certifications
Recertify for Returning Guards ($125, 1 day) Cardio Pulminary Rescusitation ($65, 1 day) Water Safety Instructor ($250, 1 day) Swim Coach Safety Training ($143, 1 day)

Register for a 2019 Guard Houston Education Course

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None of our classes are currently available for online registration. Check back at a later date.