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Guardians of The Pool

Aquatic recreation facilities are often open all day during the summer — and there are a lot of them — naturally sustaining a healthy demand for lifeguard staff. Each season, Guard Houston recruits lifeguards for entry-level positions that open up as our returning guards advance. Several of the facilities we care for are over 60 miles from one-another, which means working near your home may be possible.

Lifeguard support staff play key roles in ensuring the smooth churn of business. Consider the assertive leader types, skilled instructors, stellar handy-workers, and an office crew who work together behind the scenes each year. Many opportunities to develop your talent exist in this industry; direct any questions regarding these positions to

About Our Hiring Process

Aquatic Advisors chooses to provide an equal opportunity for anyone 16 years of age and up to work with us. We appreciate a honed set of skills, appreciable manners, well demonstrated responsibility, marked independence, respect for intelligence, and good social behavior. Those meeting our qualifications will go on to become employed by Aquatic Advisors, working under the Guard Houston brand.

Returning guards should definitely also use the online form to apply for Summer 2021; accompany that with a heads-up email Resum├ęs may be sent to that email after completing the online application (please include your job application confirmation code.)

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