Facility Maintenance, Management, Repair, & Care

Bundled services for neighborhood pools is our craft

Weekly and Monthly Services

Our experienced maintenance staff is available for weekly and monthly service for all types of aquatic facilities.
The Aquatic Advisors management service expands from swimming pools to splash pads, fountains and more.

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Modern Code Compliance Experts

Our staff stays up to date on state code requirements, certifications and trainings. As members or the Texas Public Pool Council and National Recreation and Park Association our team is current on all updates, changes and new technologies.

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Restoration Professionals

Plumbing, spray features, chemical feeders, repairs
Re-plastering, tile, coping
Decking, safety and compliance equipment, play features

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Guard Houston Lifeguard Staffing

Fully trained lifeguards
Certified Swimming Instructors
Facility staffing and management

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Turn-Key Management

  • Full year-round maintenance
  • Seasonal opening and closing
  • Guard Houston lifeguard staffing
  • Swimming Sea Animals swimmer education
  • Public and private event hosting
  • Many more of our capabilities naturally fall into this package
  • Pricing depends on the number of facilities or about how many total gallons of water we have to manage. Our bid is built on factors which we don't immediately collect on this website, so the first step in establishing an interest in hiring us is contacting us online a or dropping us a line at 713-609-9489.

Capabilities of Aquatic Advisors

  • Turn-key pool management: Guard Houston lifeguard staffing, on-site Swimming Sea Animals lessons, hosting public and private facility rentals, and...
  • Scheduled maintenance intervals
  • Seasonal transition management: Facility preparation for springtime opening and autumn closing. Maintained fully over the summer. Looked after over Winter
  • Pool and equipment repair, replacement and installation. Re-plastering and re-tiling; off-season overhauls
  • Trusted industry advisory consultation
  • Commercial and residential pool-related chemical, parts, tools, equipment, and accessory sales
  • ...And so much more!

Guard Houston Lifeguard Duties

  • Check water chemistry at interval times and apply corrections where necessary
  • Maintain a skimmed pool surface, unoccluded filtration system, and clean plaster and tile surfaces
  • Keep a clean deck area, sanitary and stocked bathhouse, orderly furniture arrangement, and handle trash duties
  • Enforce the aquatic facility rules and maintain an authority over orderly behaviors
  • Handle scheduled pool parties for the duration
  • Gate bouncer, track usage of the facility
  • Keep sentry over the area

Notes on Proper Maintenance

  • Attention to regular pool maintenance is key to avoiding unnecessary downtime or long term problems that could have otherwise been prevented
  • A clean pool enhances the aesthetic beauty of the property it's built on and is more inviting to users of it
  • A chemically balanced pool is a more comfortable and hygenic environment for patrons
  • With proper pool maintenance, swimmers will enjoy worry-free use of the pool and facility operators will benefit from lower risk of costly maintenance events

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