Guard Houston Managed Lifeguarding Services

Lifeguard and Swimming Instructor Staffing

Bundled, Interwoven Services: Lifeguards, Lessons, & Upkeep

Liability reduction and value-added services; it works out for both sides. Nearly every community district we manage embeds Swimming Sea Animals lessons to anyone seeking to perform better in the water. And we've mandated across-the-board that pool parties be first registered through our website to ensure safe staffing levels are met.

Quantifiable Integrity

Guard Houston lifeguards, Sea Animals instructors, and facility maintenance staff hold industry standard certifications and we provide training and review as an internal function on a regular basis. Youth on the path to lifeguarding, but below the age to work, are able to seek early job training with Guard Houston Junior Lifeguard Camp. Improving competence of all individuals working with us, and providing education to the community, are the objectives of these educational programs.

Under the Watchful Eye Year-Round

Facilities under supervision by Aquatic Advisors are operated for the duration of the contract. Transition between off and on-season schedules are part of the job. Standards we write are what we apply performing year-round facility upkeep and water monitoring duties. We can accomodate as a turn-key provider and additionally consult our expertise where due.

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