Turn-Key Modern Aquatic Facility Management

Bundled services for neighborhood pools is our craft

Bundled, Interwoven Services: Lifeguards, Lessons, & Upkeep

Liability reduction and value-added services; it works out for both sides. Nearly every community district we manage embeds Swimming Sea Animals lessons to anyone seeking to perform better in the water. And we've mandated across-the-board that pool parties be first registered through our website to ensure safe staffing levels are met.


Branding techniques are utilized to segment our services into recognizable entities which are directly relevant to the service being offered. Aquatic Advisors manages aquatics facilities, writes the checks, signs contracts, and operates as the parent company of its subsidiary brands Swimming Sea Animals and Guard Houston. Guard Houston lifeguards staff pools; Junior Lifeguard Camp and Swimming Sea Animals swimmer education classes provide aquatic training for people of all ages.

We Utilize Data to Improve Our Services

Technology is utilized to track (only in-house) voluntarily submitted data by end-users of our product lines. Using digital media allows us to achieve efficienct standards that apply toward business operation. We're able to translate reduced operating costs into more efficient business, which provides the means for the drive to honor goals of higher standards.

Quantifiable Integrity

Guard Houston lifeguards, Sea Animals instructors, and facility maintenance staff hold industry standard certifications and we provide training and review as an internal function on a regular basis. Youth on the path to lifeguarding, but below the age to work, are able to seek early job training with Guard Houston Junior Lifeguard Camp. Improving competence of all individuals working with us, and providing education to the community, are the objectives of these educational programs.

Under the Watchful Eye Year-Round

Facilities under supervision by Aquatic Advisors are operated for the duration of the contract. Transition between off and on-season schedules are part of the job. Standards we write are what we apply performing year-round facility upkeep and water monitoring duties. We can accomodate as a turn-key provider and additionally consult our expertise where due.

2019 Season is Underway

We are currently openly accepting bid requests for any of our services for 2019. Looking to bid for off-season or early for Summer 2019? You are welcome to reach out to us now as well.

  • Full turn-key management
  • Utilizing some of our services
  • Business networking opportunity
  • Advisory / industry consultation

  • Neighborhood or community
  • Training or professional facility
  • Anything else...

  • ---
  • 1-5
  • 6-10
  • 11+
  • Lots


Turn-Key Management Package

  • Full year-round maintenance
  • Seasonal opening and closing
  • Guard Houston lifeguard staffing
  • Swimming Sea Animals swimmer education
  • Public and private event hosting
  • Many more of our capabilities naturally fall into this package, where fair
  • Pricing depends on the number of facilities or about how many total gallons of water we have to manage. Our bid is built on factors which we don't immediately collect on this website, so the first step in establishing an interest in hiring us is using the form on the right (or give us a ring at 713-609-9489)

Capabilities of Aquatic Advisors

  • Turn-key pool management: Guard Houston lifeguard staffing, on-site Swimming Sea Animals lessons, hosting public and private facility rentals, and...
  • Scheduled maintenance intervals
  • Seasonal management: Make-ready preparations for spring opening and autumn closing transitions. Caretaking over Winter
  • Pool and equipment repair, replacement and installation. Re-plastering and re-tiling; off-season overhauls
  • Trusted industry advisory consultation
  • Commercial and residential chemical, parts, equipment and accessory sales
  • ...And so much more!

Guard Houston Lifeguard Duties

  • Check water chemistry at interval times and apply corrections where necessary
  • Maintain a skimmed pool surface, unoccluded filtration system, and clean plaster and tile surfaces
  • Keep a clean deck area, sanitary and stocked bathhouse, orderly furniture arrangement, and handle trash duties
  • Enforce pool rules and maintain an authority over orderly behaviors
  • Handle public and private scheduled pool parties for their duration
  • Gate bouncer, track usage of the facility
  • Keep sentry over the area

Notes on Proper Maintenance

  • Attention to regular pool maintenance is key to avoiding unnecessary long term problems that could have been prevented
  • A clean pool enhances the aesthetic beauty of the property it's built on
  • A chemically balanced and clean pool is a more welcoming and safer facility for the patrons
  • With proper pool maintenance, swimmers will enjoy worry-free use of the pool