Pool Parties

Public and private pool facility reservations, staffed by Guard Houston

About the Reservation Process

Booking policy is first come, first served, which means unallocated available times are scheduled as requested by other users of the facility. Reservation requests must be submitted 7 days prior to the desired event date. Be quick about solidifying your arrangements, as simply just the act of inquiring doesn't reserve your ideal spot. Step one to reserving a facility for your party is to provide us with details which will help us prepare to handle your arrangements. Expect to hear back from us within 5-10 business days (Monday through Friday) after submitting your booking request. To get started fill out the registration form.

Renters must be prepared to furnish a copy of their lease agreement to show proof of residency prior to reserving the facility.

Aquatic facilities often have established policies that set a maximum number of guests a member or resident may bring with them as an effort to keep lifeguard resources unstrained. Aquatic Advisors would like to know about your plans for a party so Guard Houston lifeguards may be appropriately allocated. Guard Houston can accommodate the needs of groups during and after normal pool facility hours.

Public Versus Private Pool Parties

Public Party Private Pool Rental
Held during facility hours Pool opened for your party
Open for Other members or users Only those you've invited
Security Front-desk sign in sheet Lifeguard bouncer with guest list
Invitee Capacity 40 guests maximum 100 guests
Lifeguard Staffing 1 per 20 guests
(# guards = # guests ÷ 20, rounded up)
1 per 20 guests
or # of lifeguards required to run the facility
Furniture First come first served
You can bring your own tables and chairs if needed
Free reign over choice and arrangements
Music / Multimedia Generally considered impolite
(subject to pool rules)
Allowed within reason
(this also depends on the local rules)
Cross-Scheduling Events overlapping with facility operating times will become reclassified as one of either type of party for the duration of the event that extends into that time.

When choosing a type of event that may overlap with a scheduled opening or closing time, pick the type of party which you're aiming to have.
Cancellation Let us know at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled party, during normal business hours. Cancellations missing this window owe one hour labor for the lifeguards. The admin fee is non-refundable under all cancellation circumstances.
Crummy Weather Should a decent chance of unfavorable weather come about on the day of your party, you'll be given the option to cancel and collect a refund if you cancel at least an hour before the scheduled start time. If weather were to interrupt your party, and you wish to vacate, you'll be refunded for the remainder of the party.
Fees $50 admin
$100 rental
$50 admin (non-refundable)
GH Lifeguard
Hourly Rate
$30 per hour, per guard
(private parties: 2 guard minimum, sometimes more for the fancy facilities)
Payment must be made at the time of booking
Visa and Mastercard accepted

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