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Swimmer Class Level

Baby Seal
Swimmer + guardian class
Water introduction for infants
Breath holding and submersal
Sea Horse
L1 Water comfort
Basic breathing and buoyancy
Entry and exit technique
Clown Fish
L2 Basic technique
Rhythmic breathing
Submerged object retrieval
Sting Ray
L3 Skill development
Deep water introduction
Diving, strokes, treading water
L4 Advanced swimming
Rotary breathing technique
Wall turning, stroke practice
L5 Skill mastery
Advanced stroke and glide
Honing swimming abilities
++ Private 1:1 lessons
Basic through advanced swimming
Customized lessons based on skill
For those who want more practice...
Turbo-Learner is four lessons per week for each three week session.
Tuition cost for this accelerated program is double the standard rate.


Monday & Wednesday
Tuesday & Thursday
Monday – Thursday

Swimming Lesson Sessions

1 session = 6 classes
3 weeks, twice a week


4:1 Swimming Sea Animals group lessons
$90 per session


2:1 semi-private lessons
$150 per session


1:1 private lessons
$300 per session


1:1 personal swimming training
$120 per session


Fall Creek

Pick Sessions & Classtimes

8 am – 10 am

10 am – 12 pm

4 pm – 6 pm

6 pm – 8 pm
Session 1:
May 31st – June 18th
Session 2:
June 21st – July 9th
Session 3:
July 19th – August 6th

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Lesson Policy


  • Cancellation emails will be sent out if a lesson is cancelled.
  • You will be given a make-up lesson for all weather related cancellations.
  • In the event of lightning or thunder during the lesson, the remainder of the lesson will be cancelled for safety reasons.

Make-Up Lessons

  • Make-up lessons take place Fridays during your regularly scheduled time slot.
  • We cannot guarantee the same instructor for a make-up lesson.

Customer Cancellation

If you miss a lesson, no refund will be granted. Plan your schedule accordingly.

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