Head Guard Applicaton

Do you have what it takes to lead?

About Yourself

If you haven't, fill out a job application first so we may automatically associate your contact information.
If you have been employed with us before, enter GH-1234567.

Describe a time you had to take charge of a situation.

What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?

If you have a guard who just made a save and is visibly upset and anxious on stand, what would you do?

You are working at a pool that just reached capacity, you have three guards on stand and one down doing secondary duties. The guards start complaining about the heat, the amount of patrons, and having no real break. What is your solution to maintain safety both for the guests and guards?

How long have you been a lifeguard?

How many guards do you have to have to do a spinal?

BE HONEST: While you were lifeguarding, what are the things you noticed? What are the things you missed?

If you are a Head Guard at a pool with two other lifeguards how do you utilize all lifeguards?

What daily maintenance needs to be done at the pool each day?

What do you do if you are at the pool for opening and one of your lifeguards has not shown up?

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